After generating a strong local following in Harrisonburg Va, and the surrounding area, Valkyrie embarked on its first tour in May of 2004, and has been cultivating a solid presence in the heavy rock and doom metal underground ever since. Numerous short tours through out the east coast including appearances at The Harvest of Sorrows fest in Louisville Ky, The 20 Buck Spin Fest in Washington DC, the Mid Atlantic College Radio Conference at James Madison University, and most recently, the prestigious Templars of Doom festival in Indianapolis, Indiana have also established Valkyrie as a solid touring rock group.

Self releasing two demos and a seven inch record over the course of a year has also gained Valkyrie many fans around the world, especially in the European metal community. Positive reviews of the three releases have set the stage for a successful debut album that will be released in Fall 2005 on Twin Earth Records. Producing the cd is Chris Kozlowski, a veteran sound engineer who has worked with The Melvins, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Trouble, and countless other heavy rock and metal bands.

With influences ranging from Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Iron Maiden, and Thin Lizzy, to name a few, Valkyrie’s twin harmonized guitar leads and clean dual vocal assault matched with a slow and low rhythm section create a psychedelic and heavy sound that is approachable to the average rock fan, while appeasing the devoted metalhead. Valkyrie’s unique sound sets the band apart from much of the contemporary underground metal scene, which is dominated by screaming vocals and abrasive, noisy guitars. ( not that there's anything wrong with that)

Seeking out like-minded groups in the region has given Valkyrie the opportunity to play with many long established and well-reputed bands such as Internal Void, Earthride, The Atomic Bitchwax, Place of Skulls, and Mastodon.

Valkyrie, which includes brothers Pete and Jake Adams on guitars, and long time friends and bandmates Nic McInturff and Nick Crabill on drums and bass, plans on being a significant force in the regional, and worldwide heavy rock underground for years to come.

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Endless Crusade
Withered Tree

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